Frozen Meat :

We import frozen Meat (lamb, Beef, Chicken, Duck Etc.,) from Australia, Brazil, etc. As Australian & Brazilian products have consistency of Tenderness. It is tested and certified by Quarantine. All Meat Products are exported in an ideal cold chain as per HACCP standards to ensure that there is no temperature abuse in transit as we care for our consumers and promise them the best.


Natural Meat :

All our meat products are originated from the farms without any use of hormones.

We do not sell genetically modified meat.

Our product assortment ranges from carcasses, forequarters- and hindquarters, rib-eye and flank.

Among the chilled and frozen prime cuts you will find tenderloins, strip loins, heart of rump, and cube rolls. Among the frozen cuts for industrial processing there are top sides, eye rounds, outside flats, and knuckles.

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